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Would you wear a healthcare MagicBand?

Have you been to Disney World lately? They have these MagicBands that you wear on your arm that allows the parks many vendors and attractions to recognize you, allow you to enter certain secure areas, such as your hotel room, and make charges to your account for meals and purchases. Now imagine you are in a hospital, and you are offered the opportunity to wear a healthcare MagicBand that would automatically identify you to nurses, doctors, and technicians as you move through the hospital setting. No more fear of receiving a wrong treatment or drug, no more answering the same questions over and over again, and automatically transmitting your vital signs, maybe even blood analysis and heart rhythms, to your care providers, in real-time continuously. The technology is there. It is just waiting for someone to develop the interfaces to securely transmit the data in the most effective and efficient format. Now imagine that your nurses and other care givers are wearing a similar healthcare MagicBand on their arm. They now have not only wireless, but hands-free ability to monitor your well being while attending to other patients. The amount of time saved could be life-saving for the patient, and transformation for the lives of the dedicated healthcare professionals serving you. If you were offered this technology, would you accept it, and wear the healthcare MagicBand?