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Medication Assistance

  • A current and comprehensive web-based directory of Patient Assistance Programs is available by clicking on the above link
  • Go to their Patient Center at RxAssist to learn about ways to use pharmaceutical company programs and other resources to help reduce your medication costs. Look at their database and frequently asked questions to get started.
  • Scroll down on this page to the ONLINE RESOURCE LIBRARY for additional Links to websites with information for Florida patients and their families

Patient Advocacy

  • All healthcare facilities employ Healthcare Risk Managers to protect the organization’s interests.  They work for the organization, not the patient.  Some healthcare facilities also employ what they call “Patient Advocates”, but remember, they also work for the organization, not the patient.  In order to protect your interests, you need to have your own healthcare risk manager and patient advocate, working for you, not the organization.  Your own advocate will be there to listen to your needs, and assist you in navigating through the barriers and gaps which patients often confront.  The members of the healthcare team often speak in terms unfamiliar to the patient, and your advocate can act as your interpreter to help you understand the options and recommendations as they are presented to you.
  • Your advocate will also be there to communicate your wishes, needs and questions to your healthcare providers in the language of the healthcare industry that they can understand.
  • You can authorize your advocate to accompany you to doctor’s office visits, to visit you in the hospital or other healthcare facility, to speak on your behalf to the healthcare providers treating you and to ask the important questions that you might not consider.
  • Your advocate will assist you with the coordination of your healthcare needs by keeping detailed records of all your healthcare encounters, in both paper and electronic format.
  • Your advocate has the experience, knowledge and skills required to review the records of your healthcare encounters, and spot risky areas.  You can authorize your advocate to speak on your behalf with insurance carriers as well, and to help you appeal adverse payment determinations.
  • Your advocate can identify instances when you may need legal advice or assistance and refer you to a qualified lawyer in the specialty required.
  • Your advocate can assist you in finding qualified medical specialists should you require a second opinion.
  • Your advocate will sit by your side and help you sort through the difficult life altering healthcare decisions that confront us all from time to time, and be on your side in each and every healthcare situation.

Family healthcare navigator

  • There often come times when you have a parent, aunt or uncle, sibling, spouse or other loved one who is confronted with a healthcare situation that you are unable to be there to assist them.  Life circumstances do not always accommodate our own needs.
  • With a personal healthcare risk manager, you have an advocate and healthcare navigator who can be your eyes and ears.
  • Your advocate and navigator can stand in for you at your loved ones side, when you can’t be there.
  • Your advocate and navigator can attend to your loved one at the bedside to monitor in-facility care, at the chair-side to monitor in-home care.
  • Your advocate can be authorized to communicate with the healthcare providers caring for your loved one and to speak on your loved ones behalf.
  • Your advocate and navigator will provide you with documented updates and care coordination plans on a timely basis.
  • Your advocate and navigator can alert you to situations when legal representation may be necessary or a medical second opinion would be helpful.
  • Your advocate and navigator can be authorized to represent your loved one in adverse insurance denials or other questionable billing issues.

Healthcare Risk Analysis

  • Your personal healthcare risk manager can perform an in-depth healthcare risk analysis of the healthcare needs for you or your loved ones health issues.
  • The healthcare risk analysis will organize and document all aspects of the client’s healthcare environment, and score the complexity level and areas of concern.
  • Clients may become easily overwhelmed with the day to day coordination of physician appointments, medication schedules, home health visits, therapies, and other interventions.
  • The healthcare risk analysis provides a well organized and easily navigated document that the client and family can use and share with other caregivers and healthcare providers.
  • The risk analysis also reviews insurance coverage and can identify gaps or short-falls in current policies.  It can also assist with identifying the types of coverage needs best suited to the client’s personal situation.

Safety and Security

  • Your advocate can perform in-home visits in order to assess the living arrangements and home environment of the client or loved one.  Often, the stress of dealing with a complex illness or chronic health conditions leads to a lack of oversight in the routine daily living environment.
  • The advocate can identify risky living conditions, and provide recommendations and referrals to community services to help alleviate risky home situations.  Sometimes something as simple as picking up throw rugs, and unplugging unused appliances or lamps can greatly improve the safety of one’s home.  Rearranging furniture, reorganizing cabinets and closets, and putting much needed items in easy to reach locations can reduce the stress in a client’s surroundings.
  • Back-ground checks of in-home care providers, and unannounced visits during homecare encounters can also improve the security of the client or loved ones.
  • Inspection of lighting fixtures, heating and cooling systems, refrigerators and other appliances can uncover faulty mechanics and repair needs.
  • Your healthcare risk manager will provide a 28 point safety and security risk analysis of the home environment of the client or loved one.

Online Resource library:  A One-stop shop for Patient and their families

Links to websites with information for Florida patients and their families


Cost of services

  • The cost of the services provided are dependent on the scope and urgency of the services required.  The services can be packaged and contracted on a pro-active basis, and can be implemented through a minimal monthly maintenance fee.
  • Initial consultations are always free of charge to the customer.
  • Every situation is different, and some contracts will need only short-term coverage, where other situations will require a more long-term arrangement.
  • A complete package including Healthcare coordination document, Healthcare Risk Analysis and in-home safety and security inspection, and 4 in-home visits for the first month, is bundled into one fee.  Packages are customized based on the individual situation and client’s personal needs and goals.
  • Packages can be negotiated for any situation where a personal healthcare risk manager, patient advocate and healthcare navigator services are required beyond those listed here
  • An ongoing monthly retainer fee covers maintenance and updates to the healthcare coordination document and one monthly in-home visit, for the life of the contract.
  • Addition visits beyond the packaged contract, either in-home, in-facility or in-office are charged at the per hour rate below.
  • The unbundled Healthcare coordination documentation alone is a flat rate of $50.00
  • The unbundled Healthcare Risk Analysis alone is a flat rate of $50.00
  • The unbundled Safety and Security in-home inspection alone is a flat rate of $50.00
  • For new clients, in urgent situations, the fees can be billed on a per hour rate.
  • Other services, such as insurance denial appeals are billed on a per hour rate.
  • The per hour rate not covered by a packaged agreement contract is $75.00 base rate for the first hour, and additional time is billed at $20.00 per each 15 minute increment, with a maximum fee for any one-time encounter will not exceed $300.00.
  • Services can be invoiced weekly or monthly..
  • Authorization Forms
    • Healthcare Advocate Authorization form
    • Hospital Visitation Authorization form
    • Release of Medical Information Authorization Form