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Archive for November, 2012

Hospital Billing Errors

If you identify hospital billing errors, and bring it to the attention of the hospital, but they are unwilling to correct the errors, you may want to turn to a trained professional, such as a Patient Advocate, to help you appeal the bill and to act on your behalf to negotiate with the hospital for …

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Patient Advocate Essentials

Living with and managing complex medical issues can be frightening.  Add to that fear the frustration of feeling as though no one is listening to you.  A patient advocate is there to listen to your concerns and to assist you in setting priorities based on what you want and need, not what others may perceive …

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Living Will or DNR

Late one evening, EMS was called to a Skilled Nursing Facility for Ms. B.  She had been found unresponsive and without a pulse.  The staff started CPR.  The EMS crew arrived and they intubated her in order to establish an airway.  She arrived at the Emergency Room and after several minutes of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), …

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